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Kaveke graduated at  Woodvale Grove Fashion College in Kenya and traveled to Barcelona to further study fashion at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona. He worked for other fashion labels for 4 years before he started his own fashion label ‘Kaveke’. He has grown to create a name for himself in the fashion industry and is known all over Africa and beyond.

Kaveke has established himself as the Kenyan men’s designer that everyone must watch out for. He calls his work contemporary and this he explains is because his designs border between African and European styles. His designs are African inspired with an extra touch of cosmopolitan flair.

He uses beadwork and a variety of fabrics to pull together his designs.He uses fabric that ranges from leather, denim suede, knitwear, tie & dye, cotton, linen silk and even recycled fabrics. His garments therefore are for people who want to show off their impeccable charm and style.

Doing men’s fashion came as a result of him looking for a challenge as every designer around was dealing with women’s clothes.


He has participated in : 

Sarajevo Fashion Week in Bosnia

Hub of Africa in Ethiopia

Swahili Fashion Week in Tanzani 

M-Net Face of Africa in Nigeria

The Big Brother Africa House in South Africa

Catwalk Kenya

The International Smirnoff Fashion Awards




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