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Nadir Tati is the reference in contemporary Angolan fashion. Her signature is the finesse with which she conceives her clothes and their genuine African character. Nadir Tati is a fashion designer, stylist and image consultant. Before, she also worked as a successful model which definitely sparked the passion for designing clothes in the fashion scene.

Nadir Tati finds inspiration in her own life and in the history of her people. Her collections are elegant, stylish and glamorous and display creativity and lightness. She combines  light fabrics, prints for every taste with modern, sensual cuts. For three consecutive years she won the 'Best Designer of the Year' Award of the Angolan fashion event

Moda Luanda. Nadir Tati struggles daily with the aim of putting the Angolan fashion alongside the major fashion industries in Portugal, the United States, South Africa and Mexico.

Her personal journey across these countries informs her creative process and helps her to define a customer profile. "In my pieces, my 

clients find a unique signature; a combination between Africa and the rest of the world." Some of the most demanding Angolan women are part of her customer base. The relationship that she establishes with those who buy her clothes is part of a process of personal Identification that focuses on how her customers like to present themselves in their daily lives.




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